Why Australian roasters don’t like Italian espresso coffee

Australian coffee roasters (in particular Sydney coffee roasters) simply hate imported Italian espresso coffee and claim that it is stale when it arrives to Australia. This claim from these local roasters which are also located in Sydney is simply not true, imported espresso coffee beans are not stale. The simple reason is Espresso coffee beans are actually meant to be aged after being roasted and this is what has always been done in Italy. ‘Staleness’ implies that the coffee beans lose flavour, in fact the Italian aging process of the coffee beans is done to enhance the flavour of the beans.

I invite you to research this yourself, and if you have the fortunate ability to visit Italy you will certainly find this out very quickly. As this claim by Sydney coffee roasters that ‘Italian coffee is stale’ is false and propagated by the Sydney coffee roasting houses and their slick marketing teams in an obvious attempt to gain market share.

Genuine Italian espresso coffee beans which are made in Italy and produced with patience and a time honoured process drastically differs from the Australian coffee roaster whom push their coffee beans out the door as quickly as possible under the false claim that ‘fresh espresso’ is best. There is no ‘Aging process’ of any coffee beans with Sydney coffee roasters, this is why their coffee is usually flat tasting and best used in ‘long coffee milkshakes’ where the coffee taste is masked behind a large veil of milk.

The Italians take their coffee blending seriously, they blend a minimum of several different beans in one blend, they roast, package and most importantly age the coffee beans. They do not deviate from this method, if they do they don’t dare call it espresso coffee. The aging/maturing process takes between 2- 4 weeks depending on the blend and the flavour profile that they are trying to achieve. After which they then release it to market once they are content that the beans have reached their prime.

The Italian coffee beans do not ‘go stale’ purely based on the passage of time when sealed in a foiled sealed one-way valve bag. The factors that can degrade coffee beans is only Oxygen, UV light and high temperatures. None of which is achieved when foiled sealed coffee bags are stored correctly.