Save money with Italian coffee

So you are looking at changing your coffee beans for your espresso machine. What type of coffee beans do you buy? Local coffee roaster beans or imported Italian espresso coffee beans? After all, consumers are looking for the best value for money when buying coffee beans. There are countless Australian roasters that can offer cheap coffee beans, however are they really cheap over the longterm? Can imported Italian espresso coffee beans be cheaper and offer a more consistent cup of coffee available. Lets take a look

For a few dollars more per bag we believe that Sydney coffee customers would prefer the taste of imported Italian coffee beans over another and customer retention is higher (as well as the referrals). Also being Italian espresso coffee beans we believe that 1kg of coffee beans can make more cups of coffee than 1kg of Australian roasted coffee beans, therefore making Italian coffee beans more economical over the long-term.


  • 1000g of coffee with 21g shot = 47 cups of coffee per bag (standard Australian roasted bean)
  • 1000g of coffee with 14g shot = 71 cups of coffee per bag (a middle ground if you want a stronger coffee (with Italian roasted bean) or a weaker coffee (with standard Australian roasted bean)
  • 1000g of coffee with 7g shot = 142 cups of coffee per bag (typical Italian coffee beans and most popular with the Australian palette)

7grams is a single shot that is used regularly in Italy as a single espresso shot and a small cappuccino or latte, The reason why Australia uses larger sized baskets is because of a few things, one the coffee bean blends are weaker and the milk portions and container sizes are larger. Therefore it is not uncommon to see 14- 21gram baskets in many Australian cafes.

At an average retail cost of $4 per cup the return on investment for a 1kg bag using 7g per shot is $568 compared to $188 for 21g. So in short, you pay a couple of dollars extra for a better tasting cup of coffee and a better return on every dollar spent on the beans.  Also when you look at it at 1000g per bag the cost difference at an equal level (eg 7g shot) can be measured in the cents. Further, given that most Australian beans require 3 times the amount of grind the cost per shot is actually much higher (as well as providing a lower revenue point).