Sydney coffee beans shifting trend towards Italy

Sydney has a lot of coffee roasters pushing out beans to local Sydney-siders while consistently singing the tune of fresh espresso. Although something has started to shift, there is now a move towards authentic espresso coffee beans instead of the heavily marketed fresh espresso coffee beans. Many new cafes popping up around Sydney and across the rest of Australia are shunning theĀ  local roaster or the ‘fresh espresso’ badge and opting for imported Italian espresso coffee beans. Many people are left scratching their heads. Why the sudden shift towards these Italian brands? There has always been a misconception of imported Italian coffee beans and the portrayal of them within the industry for the past thirty to forty years in Sydney and the rest of Australia but people are starting to wake up and learn that good espresso coffee is not made from fresh coffee beans but Italian aged coffee beans.

These Australian cafe proprietors understand that their Sydney customers are more educated about coffee in Sydney and that is true reason behind the shift. They are the ones flying to Italy and the med for every summer with their friends and families. They are the ones watching espresso coffee videos and blogs online and they are the ones demanding ‘aged’ Italian espresso coffee beans. Coffee connoisseurs whom appreciate a good drop, are shunning the cafe selling the Australian roasted bean and also telling their friends and relatives it seems. The Australian roasted coffee beans can be good but they do lack the aroma, complexity and consistency that modern coffee drinkers are now requesting.

The underlying demand stems from the authenticity factor, many people in Sydney want that genuine taste that they experienced on their Mediterranean holidays. Consequently the change of coffee brands being used in the restaurant/cafe scene is starting to reflect that demand amongst consumers. The traders old catch-cry is ‘Give the customer what they want’ has never rung so true in Sydney in more recent years. Be prepared to see a lot more genuine Italian coffee beans, espresso bars, cafe nooks and little Italy’s popping up in and around Sydney in the coming months.

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